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Starting to Play Golf? Feet First!


golf.jpgFor people who are just beginning to play golf, the basic equipment for golf is required. This includes suitable attire, golf balls, golf clubs, tees, gloves, golf bag, and golf shoes. Business golfers tend to take notice of details like a fine and well maintained pair of golf shoes. Majority of the golf players use golf shoes that have been specifically designed for providing traction during the golf swing particularly on uneven terrain.

The popularity for golf shoes began in the 1890s and for several years, golf shoes were made with spikes of metal which not only made marks on greens but could also be significantly damaging for it. With the evolution of the golf footwear industry, spikes are now being made from plastic. These plastic spikes have small nubs around a central core. Most golf clubs have now mandated the use of plastic spikes so as to prevent the greens from damaging due to metal spikes. However, the pros still mostly use metal spikes on the professional tours.

Here are some tips for buying golf shoes:

1- Buy shoes from a reputable manufacturer like Adidas, Nike, FootJoy, Puma, etc.

2- Ensure that the shoes you buy are comfortable, roomy, and durable.

3- Majority of the golf shoe manufacturers provide golf footwear that has a rubber sole and treated leather upper. These features are perfect for wet play or damp early morning. If you prefer the all time favorite saddle shoe styles, compliment it with a matching belt. The belt should match the saddle’s color. If the saddles on your shoes are of smooth leather, keep them well polished.

4- Women golfers might require more than just a single pair of golf shoes. While men have a typically basic wardrobe, women golfers’ wardrobes generally reflects more seasonality. Hence more pairs of golf shoes would accommodate to women’s golfer’s wardrobes. There is a considerable difference between the prices of shoes for men and women golfers. If you are a women golfer and looking for women golf shoes, find out top womens golf shoes here.

5- Though golf shoes with screw in spikes were preferred however; the sole technology has evolved considerably and now days various courses require golfers to wear spikeless golf shoes. You must be prepared to adjust in accordance with the rules of the respective golf course.

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